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★ *☆「 s o p h i e M A K E S g r a p h i c s 」☆* ★


MOMOCHUU is our very own icon journal. ^^ (We feel like talking like this right now, deal with it. ^.~) We don't update much, because we're really, really lazy, but when we do, you're free to use any posted icons you want!! Most of the time they're good, but sometimes they really suck. Most icons we make are of either Japanese music... artist... people, or anime. Sometimes they won't be though. ^^

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The Layout

This layout was created at premade_ljs. It features the 3rd place winner of the 4th header image contest created by o0catty0o.

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WOOT!!~~ [
spoken on 02 August, 2006 @ 8:41 pm
[ mood | bouncy ]

So I changed the layout fo one I made. ^^ Well, graphixed. XD I didn't code it, it's easy to tell I copied it from the last layout...
But anyways. I think it's purrrty. ^o^

I'll be updating with some icons tomorrow!!!! ^-~

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Okei... yeah... [
spoken on 31 July, 2006 @ 1:29 pm
[ mood | calm ]

I changed the layout again. And I didn't make this one. And I feel like I SHOULD make all the layouts on my graphics journal... so I might change it to one I made soon.
But this was so pretty I had to use it. ^-^

...Yup..... [
spoken on 28 July, 2006 @ 4:37 pm
[ mood | accomplished ]

M'kay. So I feel horrible about the fact that I haven't updated this in forever, but hey, what're you gonna do?...
So I started by changing the layout (meaning I switched to Basic... =____=|||) to this really cool one.... The coding is from premade_ljs, and the header sort of is, because I mean, I made this one, but I took the general style from the original one and just made one like it. But with Emily Browning. Not a bird.
I also changed the userinfo. (Yes, I made the bunny. >w< LOL.)

Now I'll post icons, like I'm supposed to. ^^

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spoken on 07 June, 2006 @ 7:20 pm
[ mood | fine!! ]

...No icons in this post specifically, but hey, I changed the layout! (And I switched back to free. I like layouts. I want cool ones. It's hard on a Sponsored+ account.... >+>)
It's the exact one I'm using at this point at pickypocky, but I'm going to change it there soon, so it became an early hand-me-down. ^____^
Hope this doesn't bother anyone too much!!!

And I've updated the Furuba 100 Icon Challenge with six new icons, so...

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spoken on 05 June, 2006 @ 10:09 pm
[ mood | drunk ]

I've come - bearing gifts of icons!! ABOUNDS, AHOY!!
LOL, okay, I'm a little slap happy right now. XD!

19 Full Moon wo Sagashite icons  -  teasers...

11 An Cafe icons  -  teasers...

LJCUT... wierd... O.o

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!!!!! TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLES ~ 36 icons !!!!! [
spoken on 08 May, 2006 @ 7:12 pm
[ mood | ...got a cold... ]

36 icons,
Comment and credit if you take any. ^__^
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100 Fruits Basket Icons [
spoken on 25 April, 2006 @ 9:41 pm
[ mood | chipper ]

. no stealing, whatsoever
. comment and credit if you take any
. don't edit any; these are NOT BASES
. take as many as you want, but don't claim them as your own

Image credit: Anime Galleries, my own scans/screencaps

nyach.Collapse )

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the legend of MOMOCHUU [
spoken on 22 April, 2006 @ 12:45 pm
[ mood | yup ]

I needed a place to post all of my icons, and keep it organized. So here we are. ^__~ 

momochuu is a place where I, Sophie, pickypocky, will post a bunch of icons that you can use. ^__^ You don't HAVE to be a friend to take them, but I'd appreciate it. ^__^

I'll be making icons of lots of stuff—mostly Japanese stuff, like anime and J-Pop artists, and Japanese movies—but also things like Harry Potter, Wicked, Narnia, and some actors and actresses that, well, AREN'T Japanese. XD

Rules and stuff are in the user info, so I'd appreciate it if you looked there before taking any icons. ^__~ Once I post 'em, I mean.

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